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About me...

manucurés mains

In the past eight years, I have taken a number of formations and classes in order to learn diverse techniques. Given my experience, I turned it into my full-time career during my six years in New York City.

I truly appreciate bringing comfort and relief to those who use my services.

Despite having spent more than twenty years in accounting, I recently felt the need to change my vocation after moving to New York in 2011.

Having done sports all throughout my childhood and life, I often had injuries which required the help of sports doctors and kinotherapy, as well as massage therapy as well.

I rapidly realized the benefits of such forms of therapy, and found them necessary for my recovery process.

After having gained my massage license in 2011, I learnt how to auto-massage before reaching out to family members and friends for practice and training for experience. I soon found massages to be a passion, an interest, something I loved.


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