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My Nutrition, my healthy move

Why are my services beneficial?
​I will help you adapt your diet to improve your wellbeing.

My role is to accompany you in this journey
Together, we will seek to understand your relationship to food,

and to change any negative patterns found in your diet,

to help create a more balanced and healthy one.
As such, results are best achieved over a period of time in order

to fully assess how one's body reflects the new changes. 

We all have different needs…

During each step of our lives,  we should learn how to adapt and adjust our nutrition.

This is where I intervene! 

My training and my experience allow me to understand your challenges and I am here to help you fall back in place. We will work together in establishing a diet and protocol with precise objectives, assessment of the results obtained over a course of eight weeks. 

Balance of nutrients:

A balanced diet is the basis for a healthy lifestyle. A diversified nutrition allows you to stay in shape, healthy and active.


We will establish your goals together with your first consultation and re-evaluate themo over the course of the following weeks.


A better understanding of the human body, and of the body’s needs and its demands, will help you understand the mechanisms needed to lose weight and attain a heatlhy way of life. 


My method...

First meeting:

-contact and sharing client's information and goals

-define aims, understand the lifestyle & the client's behaviour towards the food

- lifestyle, physical activity and health 


Follow-up consultation:

Weekly meeting to assess the challenges, the feelings and evolution of the set goals

The protocole is based on 8 week procedure minimum to stabilise the weight and observe the client's behaviour. 

My recommendation is to take the 8 week package to reduce the cost.


Prices (I accept $, £ and euros)

First contact: Exchange your motivation, your needs and set up your goals session of 1h-1h30 : £60

Follow-up session: (around 45mn): £40

Package: session of 8 semaines : £300

(We can meet in person or interact through zoom)



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