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"I have been a weekly client of Manuela for many years, in New York City. I have much appreciated her competence in various kinds of massaging techniques: she helped me to lose weight via subdermal tissue massages, to reduce swelling via lymphatic drainage massages, and relax via Swedish massages. Not only is her technique high quality, but the kindness and care that she puts into her craft have been wonderfully enjoyable. So much so that I went to get a massage from her at her place when I recently stayed in London for a week. Her massage studio is cozy & zen, and I highly recommend it."

Joelle, NYC 

Passionate about healthy living and looking after both my body and mind, I had heard about the benefits of lymphatic drainage and wanted to try it for myself. I made contact with Manuela through a recommendation and we spoke on the phone about my needs and goals. After an initial 90 minute session in her beautiful and quiet massage room, I was pleasantly surprised by how gentle the treatment was and how light it left me feeling. I decided to book a course of 10 sessions with Manuela and alternated between lymphatic drainage massages with some targeted work and specific massage techniques on my legs and stomach including cupping. Manuela is lovely, gentle and definitely has a magic touch. In complement to exercise and healthy eating, her treatments have helped slimmed down my silhouette and improved the appearance of my skin and cellulite. I have no hesitation in recommending her and her services.

Céline, London 25/02/19


Je vous remercie pour votre message ...

Je me sens beaucoup mieux depuis votre intervention. Mardi dernier, j'ai passé une très bonne journée sans douleur !

Je me sens plus détendue mais j'aurais besoin d'une autre séance .

"Thank you for you massage.... I am feeling better since. On Tuesday, I have spent a very good day without pain but I still need one additionnal session".


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